6 Foods to Avoid if you Suffer from Acne

acneFor years we were led to believe that greasy foods like chocolate, pizza and french fries cause acne. Foods do not directly cause acne, certain foods can, however, aggravate the condition. These foods trigger hormone swings and inflammation that can worsen the outbreak.

Here are six foods that you should avoid if you wish to lessen their effects on acne:

  1. Milk – Cow’s milk is good for strong teeth, bones and growing babies but not as good for adults with this condition. Milk comes from pregnant cows filled with hormones and antibiotics that may affect you directly, or by spiking your blood sugar and promoting inflammation leading to acne. The increase in blood sugar causes an insulin release that increases the production of the skin oil, sebum.
  1. Sugar – Similar in the way milk aggravates acne, sugar increases hormones that stimulate sebum production and oily skin. Additionally, sugar feeds candida overgrowth, a systemic yeast infection that may aggravate your outbreaks. Your immune system will attempt to fight this infection (overgrowth) and triggers acne in the process.
  1. Peanuts – Peanuts and peanut butter contain androgens, sex hormones that may trick your body into thinking you are in a constant state of puberty. More hormones mean more sebum and more acne.
  1. Soy – Soy, soybean oil and soy products like tofu are high in natural plant estrogens called phytoestrogens that mimic human estrogen levels and cause hormonal swings that release sebum and aggravate your condition. Soy is used in many processed foods. If you intend to reduce your intake, read labels closely.
  1. Gluten – Gluten, the stretchy proteins in wheat and cereal grains, cause inflammation, even if you are not otherwise gluten sensitive. Inflammation aggravates it. Worse yet, many breads, rolls and doughs contain gluten, yeast, soybean oil and sugar, the four worst foods for these sufferers.
  1. Coffee – Coffee contains organic acids, mycotoxins and compound that trigger gut inflammation and flare-ups. Coffee also increases “stress” hormones like cortisol which stimulates your sebaceous glands and increases inflammation and flare-ups. Decaf coffee will not alleviate the problem as the caffeine itself is not the trigger.

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