Benefits of an Alkaline Diet

alkaline-dietThe foods we eat affect our pH, the acid-alkaline balance that should exist in our bodies. Unfortunately, our modern processed and prepackaged diet produces more acidity in our bodies and we need to maintain balance by eating more alkaline foods and fewer acid-forming foods.  An alkaline diet would provide this balance.

Examples of alkaline foods include fruits, vegetables, herbs and herbal teas, nuts, and seeds.

Examples of acid-forming foods include meat, grains, beans, dairy, fish, almost ALL fast foods.

Here are the top eight healthy alkaline diet promoting foods:

  1. Bananas – provide instant energy and is extremely alkaline.
  2. Spinach/greens – equally alkaline when raw or cooked.
  3. Cucumbers – virtually zero calories and highly alkaline when raw.
  4. Celery – another delicious low-calorie alkaline food.
  5. Broccoli – nutritious alkaline food that is easily digestible and a rich source of minerals.
  6. Soy and Soy Beans
  7. Milk – highly alkaline and recommended to counter heartburn and acid reflux.
  8. Avocado – rich and tasty alkaline source and provides healthy fats.

Incorporating many of the alkaline foods above will go a long way in your alkaline diet to maintain the acid-alkaline balance your body needs to ward off diseases.

Try either of these simple alkaline diet recipes:

Fresh Raw Vegetable Salad:

Start with 4 cups of raw spinach and another 4 cups of romaine lettuce, 2 cups cherry tomatoes, 1 cup sliced cucumber, 1 cup of chopped baby carrots and 1 cup of your choice chopped red, orange or yellow bell pepper. Optional: If you have available, add 1 cup each of chopped broccoli, squash, zucchini or cauliflower.
Wash all of your ingredients thoroughly, slice and mix in a large bowl and top off your fresh raw veggie salad with a low-fat healthy dressing of your choice.

Fresh Vegetable Soup:

Start with fresh 2 cups zucchini, 2 cups carrots, and a medium celery stalk. You’ll also need one to two teaspoonfuls of sea salt, a teaspoon fresh basil leaves, three asparagus stalks, broccoli, six teaspoonfuls of yeast-free vegetable broth and a medium yellow onion.

Boil the broth and diced onion in a pot of water and then finely chop the carrots, zucchini, broccoli, asparagus and celery stalk. Your “soup” should contain tender vegetables, not boiled. Add the vegetables after turning off the cooker and leave to tenderize. Use the sea salt to season to taste.

To learn more about acidity and alkalinity and how an alkaline diet can help you lose weight and lead a healthier life, click here to receive a report to help determine if your body is dangerously acidic.

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