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Magnesium Deficiency – How It Affects Your Body.

Magnesium Deficiency and How Supplementation Can Improve It. Magnesium deficiency is not talked about like most of the other deficiencies. We are fairly well educated on the variety of vitamins we need to stay healthy – Vitamin C, for immunity, Vitamin D for strong bones, Vitamin A for vision, etc. But we know very little about the […]

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The Benefits of Chia Seeds and How to Use Them

Chia, salvia hispanica, is a member of the mint family and grows wild in Mexico and Guatemala. Chia seeds were first used by the Aztecs and Mayans as a concentrated, nutritious and fibrous food source. Your introduction to chia and chia seeds was most likely the chia pet commercials where the seeds were used to […]

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6 Foods to Avoid if you Suffer from Acne

For years we were led to believe that greasy foods like chocolate, pizza and french fries cause acne. Foods do not directly cause acne, certain foods can, however, aggravate the condition. These foods trigger hormone swings and inflammation that can worsen the outbreak. Here are six foods that you should avoid if you wish to […]

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