Causes of Joint Pain and Inflammation

Causes-of-joint pain-and-inflammationJoint pain is a common health problem, regardless of your age. The primary causes of joint pain are acute injury from a fall, chronic conditions like arthritis or inflammation (swelling) secondary to some other unrelated illness. Most people who suffer from joint pain turn to medications for temporary relief of pain and symptoms without addressing the underlying causes of their pain.

Common causes of joint pain include:

Fractures. Simply a break in either cartilage or bone usually resulting from injuries. Fractures can also result from bone diseases, or an irregular bone structure. Varieties of fractures include compound, greenstick, hairline and transverse, etc.

Osteochondritis Dissecans (OCD). This is a condition of joints in which bone and nearby cartilage lose blood resulting in the “death” of the underlying bone. Any of your joints can suffer from this disorder, with knees and elbows are involved most often.

Sickle Cell Anemia. Sickle cell is a disorder of the blood caused by irregular hemoglobin, the protein contained in red blood cells. When the quantity of red blood cells drops, the result is anemia. The abnormal sickled cells can also create a blockage of blood vessels causing pain related to tissue damage.

Sprains. Sprains involve ligaments and usually result from overuse or straining the ligaments. ligaments attach bone to bone in the joints and allow movement and mobility. Temporary treatment of sprains include cortisone (steroid) shots, support braces, and surgery.

Tendinitis. This is pain and soreness that occurs in a tendon, the fibrous tissues that attach muscles and bones. Tendinitis often originates from impact and sports related injuries, often the elbow or shoulder. It can also occur from disorders such as gout or arthritis.

Lifestyle And Diet. Lesser known, but more prevalent causes of joint pain include excess weight and chronic inflammatory conditions including gout, diabetes and arthritis. Lifestyle and food choices directly impact joint pain and swelling. Sugar, alcohol and acidic food consumption promotes inflammation which increases swollen, painful joints.

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