Cellulite Myths and Solutions

cellulite-myths-and-solutionsYou are no doubt, familiar with cellulite myths, those unsightly dimples and bumps and that “orange peel” look on the surface of your skin. Cellulite is most prominent on a woman’s hips, thighs and legs, but in advanced cases can also be found on the stomach, arms and breasts. While not medically threatening or serious, it can be devastating to your self-esteem and self-confidence.

The Underlying Cause of Cellulite

You’ve probably been told that it is most often associated with subcutaneous fat, or water retention, swelling or edema – a skin or fat issue. The nice folks spreading this disinformation are also probably trying to sell you some type of body wrap or magic pill or cream to help you “melt” the cellulite away…

But according to fitness expert and body enhancement specialist Joey Atlas, cellulite is not a fat or skin problem, but actually a problem with the underlying muscle fibers caused by droopy and sagging muscles just under the skin. As your muscles atrophy, or waste away due to aging or lack of use, the muscles and surrounding muscle tissues no longer support your skin resulting in the dimpling and cottage cheese appearance. Weak sagging muscles and muscle tissues cause weak sagging and dimpled skin, not genetics or adipose (fat) tissue.

The Cellulite Myths Solution

Magic pills, expensive body wraps, or brushes and massages won’t correct the underlying cause, they may make your skin soft and smooth temporarily, but not over the long term. You must correct the underlying muscle softening in order to permanently correct your cellulite. Firm healthy muscles push and support the skin – smoothing and tightening the skin and eliminating your cellulite.

The Symulast Method

Joey Atlas has developed a series of lower body exercises specifically designed to firm and tone the 90 muscles of the lower body where cellulite is most prevalent. The program is called Symulast, short for Synergistic Muscle Layer Stimulation Proper. Symulast includes a series of highly targeted body moves to stimulate muscle fibers through the proper combination of form, tempo and sequence.

Many standard old fashioned gym exercises are only two-dimensional, while Symulast movements are multi-dimensional to firm, lift and tone your muscles so that they once again push outward against your skin giving it the support it needs to be firm and tight thus eliminating the bumps and dimples of cellulite. The program can be performed anywhere, anytime in under 20 minutes. Follow the program at home – no gym, weights or equipment required.

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