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collagen-Real-Beauty-Breakthrough-skinCollagen is a naturally occurring protein essential for our body’s maintenance and health. Your body produces this when given the correct raw materials. It is present in your skin, ligaments, ligatures and bones. It provides tensile strength, firmness and elasticity particularly to the fatty tissues just beneath the surface of your skin.

Together with elastin, collagen molecules combine together to form collagen bundles. These bundles give shape and elasticity to your skin, without these collagen bundles, your skin begins to sag and wrinkle.

Collagen Loss – Many factors affect the gradual decline in the amount of it in our body. The natural process of aging is the major contributing factor to the decline in collagen content of your body. This is most noticeable in your skin.

Starting at the age of 25, your body loses 1.5% of its collagen. By the time you reach the age of 45, one third (30%) of the total collagen will have been lost. Your body weakens as it ages and its efficiency in replenishing it is no longer optimal. There are also several other factors that contribute to its decline. Pollutants, which carry toxins, promote oxidation which in turn produces free radicals.

These free radicals cause cellular damage by stealing one electron of each cell. When you hear the term “antioxidant” this refers to nutrients that protect your cells from this oxidation and its harmful effects. Smoking, poor diet of unhealthy processed and packaged foods rich in harmful chemicals, and lack of regular moderate exercise are just some of the factors that hasten its loss and promote aging.

People who want to look younger, continuously search for ways to boost collagen regeneration. No one likes wrinkles. While many techniques are being developed to help your body replenish this protein, they all approach the problem from the outside. Anti-wrinkle creams, shots, injections, plumpers, fillers, dermabrasion…Why not just help your body produce it in the natural way, right?

Beautiful skin begins on the inside. Nutrition research teaches us that natural sources of nutrients can actually supply your body with the necessary elements that enhance the collagen factory within your body. It is created by fibroblasts, the cell in connective tissue which produce it.

To produce collagen, fibroblasts require collagen cell nutrients. Providing your body with a constant supply of healthy collagen cell nutrients will promote the production of collagen allowing for the constant repair and rejuvenation of your skin cells.

Beauty expert Leslie Munsell, in her Real Beauty Breakthrough has identified these critical collagen cell nutrients and provides you with a list of foods that promote its production. Fresh foods that you can find and prepare and enjoy glowing, healthy skin without creams, chemical peels or injections! Quick, easy and delicious 5-minute recipes that will help you eliminate lines, wrinkles, folds, even darkness under your eyes. Order your copy of Real Beauty Breakthrough today and enjoy beautiful, radiant skin.

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