Detox Diet Plan

detox dietDetox diet has recently emerged as possibly the best weight reduction plan available in the current age. Although many diet plans incorporate certain synthesized therapeutic agents in your body, but the detox plan is entirely different as it uses just natural food products.

How Detox Diet plan works:

The term ‘detox’ stands for detoxification, which means removal of the toxic products. In terms of the medical definition, this detoxification means removal of the undesirable metabolites and products which may cause harmful effects in your body. The diet plan focuses on triggering the weight reduction by removing excess fat from your body. The removal of this excess fat occurs both by extensive fat metabolism and reduced fat intake.

Components of Detox Diet:

Detox diet plans consist of raw vegetables, fruits, healthy dairy products, and fresh fruit juices and shakes. A ten-day diet plan which aims to reduce up to 8 pounds of weight comprises of the following:

  • Breakfast: This includes a power shake made up of all-natural food that offers a healthy start to the day. Mix water and almond milk with a number of frozen fruits, cranberries, avocado, blueberries, and walnuts. Now blend it. Your power shake is ready.
  • Lunch: You can have a salad made up of green vegetables. As a topping and to enhance the taste, you can add chicken or any other healthy, non-fried protein in the salad. It is recommended not to add any sauces to the salad bar as they consist of high-sugar contents. Adding a little quantity of healthy fat, such as nuts or olives, is also recommended.
  • Dinner: Your dinner should include a light base of green vegetables with 5 ounces of protein in it. You can use chicken, beef, mutton, canned salmon, turkey, eggs, or cereals and pulses to satisfy your protein intake.
  • Brunch and supper: For brunch and suppers, you are advised to take a mixture of nuts blended with natural cream in small quantities.


By following the above-mentioned cleansing diet plan, you can quickly and naturally lose weight. Take calories in calculated amounts and dietary items that are all-natural and safe for your body to assure the prevalence of good physical health, as well as mental and psychological health.

The detox diet plan has by far shown to be effective in 100% of the clinical trials and greatly reduces the chances of diseases like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, irritable bowel syndrome, asthma, depression, acid reflux disease, and high blood pressure. 

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