How the Food Industry is Making Us Sick

fast-food-food industry-making-us-sickThe food industry is marketing to us consumers for their own profit. They are not concerned about our health and well-being.  We eat what we like, and we like greasy, sweet and salty. When we’re busy, we eat what is fast and convenient; 70 percent of the food consumed by the average American is processed, packaged snacks, frozen entrees, baked goods, and fast food. Rarely do we eat lean, natural healthy foods by choice.

The people who make our food, from your cheeseburger and fries, to the corn flakes in the box on your breakfast table, do not care about your health. Food sales (and profits) are driven by taste not quality, that’s why we eat foods deep fried in fat, dipped in sugar or covered in salt. We eat what we crave and the food industry is happy to cater to our unhealthy cravings. 

To complicate matters, our government subsidizes (pays) farmers and ranchers to produce cheap food. Beef, pork, milk and cheese, corn, sugar, and wheat, all of which make us fatter and unhealthier. To increase production and profits, these farmers and ranchers use unlimited pesticides to protect their crops, steroids to increase muscle mass and milk production, and genetically modified seeds to “improve” corn, wheat and sugar beets.

Food industry marketing is designed to make you fat and keep you that way!

It is so much easier to keep a customer than to recruit a new one. If you visit a fast food restaurant for your favorite burger, wouldn’t two be better? Why not make it a double cheeseburger? Want fries with that? Large cola with that? Don’t forget those fried pies or cookies, two for a dollar. Fast food chains are skilled in exploiting the overweight and obese by getting them to eat more pizza, burgers, french fries, and drink more sodas.

Grocery stores or supermarkets and the big food manufacturers that supply them are also skilled at marketing and manipulation. Product packaging and product placement are not random, there are many psychological factors and months of research that went into the design of a food package and its placement on the shelves. This is especially true in the most profitable and addicting sugar-coated cereals and salty bags of chips. The layout of the store itself is designed to manipulate and draw you to impulse items and fattening, unhealthy foods.

Our modern diets are high in pesticide residue, genetically modified, high-fat, cholesterol-laden foods and no fiber. This diet damages your organs, narrows your arteries and their oxygen-carrying capacity. We add pounds around our waist, increase our sodium intake and blood pressure and maintain dangerously high blood sugar. The food industry is making us sick and keeping us fat, and we die from the resulting heart attacks, strokes, diabetes and obesity.

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