10 Foods That Slow Down Your Weight Loss


There are many foods that will help kick-start your diet and weight loss. Unfortunately, not all foods are diet friendly and many will actually slow your weight loss progress. Here are ten foods that you should limit or avoid if you are serious about losing weight:

    1. Milk – Milk is great for your bones and teeth as you are growing but remember that the purpose of milk is to help a calf grow into a cow. Milk is filled with fat, calories and added hormones that promote growth, not weight loss. If you must have milk, choose skim milk and find other natural sources of calcium to promote bone health.
    1. Salad Dressing – One of the healthiest meals you can eat is a bowl full of green leafy vegetables topped with carrots, cucumbers and similar vegetables…but then you add dressing and hundreds of calories and fat. Make your own tasty dressing with spices, vinegar and olive oil and use it sparingly.
    1. Starchy Vegetables – While vegetables are generally healthy, starchy vegetables including white potatoes, corn and beans pack around 3–4 times more carbs than non-starchy vegetables and should be used sparingly.
    1. Bread – Bread, pastry and pizza dough made from processed white flour, like all processed foods, contain little nutritional benefit and loads of carbs and calories.
    1. Pasta – Similar to bread, pastas made from white flour are all calories and carbs, but the real problem comes from the sauces you choose for your pasta dishes. You cover your pastas in butter, cream and Parmesan cheese, all loaded with fat and calories and can easily contain over 500 calories and 30 grams of fat.
    1. Cheese – Cheese is typically high in saturated fat and calories. If you must eat cheese, choose naturally lower fat options like Part-Skim Mozzarella or Swiss calories with about 80-100 calories per slice.
    1. Yogurt – The commercial yogurts you find at the supermarket are loaded with 16+ grams of sugar per cup. The flavored and “fruit at the bottom” yogurt snacks can contain over 30 grams of sugar. Instead, choose sugar free Greek yogurt with double the protein content and add your own fresh fruit.
    1. Chips – There are no healthy chips (except maybe kale chips). A handful of potato or corn chips can pack in over 150 calories plus 3-5 grams of saturated fat, and who stops at one handful?
    1. Fried Chicken – Chicken, when baked or broiled, is a relatively healthy source of protein. Unfortunately, we prefer our chicken fried which adds nearly 400 calories and 22 grams of fat. Skip the bucket and broil your (skinless) chicken.
    1. Soda – Sodas, colas and bottled juices contain liquid sugar. Loaded with sugars (corn syrup and fructose), calories, added colors and chemicals. These beverages have no place in any healthy diet.

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