Healthy Snack Ideas

Healthy-snacksIt’s very important when dieting, not to starve yourself. If you control your hunger and follow a healthy food plan, it should help you to stay lean and fit. If you get overly hungry, the urge to overeat kicks in, which is why it is helpful to carry healthy snacks with you. Healthy snacking is a big part of dieting and choosing the wrong snacks can add many unwanted extra calories.

Healthy snack ideas should start with fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Snacks should follow the same healthy, nutritional guidelines as your diet plan. Not only can these healthy snack ideas save you from unwanted calories but also they can help you save a little money when you choose them over high calorie, high fat, prepackaged snacks.

Ideas for Healthy Snacks

Avocados – Provide healthy fats and a rich source of vitamins C and E. It is also high in potassium and fiber and very filling. A half of an avocado with just a sprinkle of salt and/or pepper can help curb your cravings and fill you up on good fats.

Raisins – Raisins are loaded with fiber so it will also help you feel full. Raisins are a relatively low glycemic snack that is filling and at the same time very healthy. A little red box only has 45 calories and are easy to snack on the go. A quarter cup of raisins provides you with a full serving of fruit.

Eggs – Hard boiled eggs are easy to cook and only have seventy to eighty calories. The egg contains amino acids (protein), minerals, iron, iodine, calcium and vitamin A. You get all those healthy nutrients from one egg.

Banana Chips – This healthy snack will satisfy your sweet tooth. Bananas are high in potassium and loaded with vitamins C and A. It is a great choice for your nutritional needs.

Hummus – From the Mediterranean, hummus is made from chickpeas and is a great go-to snack. Hummus is low in saturated fat and cholesterol but high in fiber and protein. Garlic is often used to season hummus which has great heart benefits. Whole wheat pita is one of the best choices for dipping as it is also low in saturated fat and cholesterol.

Yogurt – Greek yogurt is a delicious source of calcium that comes in a variety of flavors. Most yogurt cups have less than 170 calories and are 99% fat free. Yogurt is also loaded with vitamins C, D and A.

Cheese Sticks – You can find low fat cheese sticks or cheese cubes in the dairy section of your supermarket. They are a great source of calcium and vitamins. The cheese sticks having as little as 60 calories and are usually individually wrapped. Convenient and portable, cheese sticks are a healthy snack and a great way to get your daily calcium.

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