Honey Phenomenon

honey phenomenon Honey is a sweet food formed by different types of bees by foraging nectar from the flowers. The process involves regurgitation and evaporation. After this, constituents are reduced to 70% sugars and 20% water. It provides 304 calories per 100 grams and has no fat, protein or dietary fibers. It contains vitamins, minerals and nutrients that revitalize the body.

This is the most primitive of natural foods and has been used since the dawning of mankind because of the numerous advantages it provides.


Discoveries of cave and rock painting revealed images depicting the use of honey in various ways. Hippocrates used honey for relieving pain and healing purposes.

Why Honey is called the good sugar?

A common misconception exists that all sugars are bad for us. In reality, our body needs sugars to survive and it extracts and utilizes the maximum amount from whole foods such as honey. It contains nutrients and enzymes that help regulate sugar in the body. So sugar consumed from such foods that is great for your health and helps reduce weight and prevents various common chronic and acute diseases. Processed sugar, on the contrary, is the cause of such diseases and disrupts our body’s chemical balance.

Benefits of Honey:

It is a natural miracle that comes with a tally of boundless advantages in all domains that life holds.


  • It consists of special enzymes that boost your metabolism and chemical balance. The metabolic stability helps in reducing fat cravings thus promote weight loss.
  • Recent evidence proves honey as a prophylactic in gingivitis, supporting the use of honey as a component in toothpaste.
  • It provides instant energy, 64 calories per teaspoon. It detoxifies the body from dangerous pollutants.
  • Removes free radicals that predispose to various cancers.


  • Honey is the perfect alternative to refined sugars.
  • It is a whole food providing all the essential nutrients, refined sugar produces the same effects as cocaine.


  • This natural sugar possesses various antimicrobial properties and is now highly recommended for infants less than 1 year of age.
  • It supports the immune system and combats antigens. It has been used to cure various common illnesses such as cough, flu, indigestion, fatigue and burns.
  • It reduces the risks of developing cardiovascular and certain neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Beauty and Cosmetics:

  • It is also used as a major ingredient in various skin and hair care products.
  • It reduces acne by its natural antibacterial activity.
  • It eliminates the signs of aging and improves complexion.


Endorsed by the mighty mountains of science and research, honey offers a wide range of applications. The purity of honey has made it a sweet bliss.  To get more information on the Honey Phenomenon click here.

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