Memory Boosting Foods

Foods that Enhance your MemoryMemory exists in a network of neurons in your brain. Much like complex wiring with new connections when we learn something new. These brain activities are facilitated by neurotransmitters, the chemical messengers provided by the foods we eat and drink. So what we eat affects our mental performance, including memory.

The primary neurotransmitter responsible for memory is a chemical called acetylcholine. To produce acetylcholine, your brain needs the nutrient choline from phosphatidylcholine and B vitamin like B5. Levels of acetylcholine in your brain decrease as you age resulting in poor memory. You can offset or delay this decline by increasing foods high in brain-boosting vitamins and minerals.

Begin with increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables as they are rich in fiber and reduce the carbohydrate absorption in the human body. Reducing high blood sugar levels will improve memory function as hyperglycemia will cause a marked reduction in brain function.

Red fruits and vegetables like watermelons, tomatoes, cherries and radishes are rich in vitamins and lycopene which helps improve memory by improving blood circulation and body temperature. Red foods also boost energy, relieve depression and improves focus to improve memory.

Fatty fish like sardines and tuna are good for the brain 
and improve memory. Try to eat fish two to three times a week. The healthy omega-3 fatty acids in fish are helpful in boosting memory function. If you do not eat fish, fish oil capsules or olive oil also contain the beneficial fatty acids and can be used in cooking. Decreasing dietary fats and trans fats may also delay age related memory problems such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Top Foods For Brain Health And Memory

If you enjoy eating fish, use salmon, cod, Herring, mackerel, albacore tuna, sardines, and anchovies. It is also possible to obtain omega-3 fatty acids from vegetarian sources through almonds, pine nuts, Chia seeds, sunflower seeds, walnuts, olive oil, safflower oil, pecans, and tofu. Consider a quality fish oil supplement if these foods are not available or among your favorites.

Add more red, green and purple foods that are rich in the antioxidants. They provide the phytochemical anthocyanin, the same antioxidant that your brain needs to function properly. Blueberries and apples contain both anthocyanin and quercetin which have been shown to boost memory, contribute to healthier brain function, and delay the onset of Alzheimer’s. Apples and blueberries should top your list of fruits to help boost your memory.

Two vegetables that boost brainpower are spinach and onions. The folic acid in spinach prevents and may also reverse this loss. A half cup of cooked spinach provides two-thirds of the daily requirement your body needs of folic acid. Red and yellow onions contain high levels of healthy quercetin and anthocyanin.

Next on your list should be red beets, eggplant, grapes and cherries. These foods have high levels of both anthocyanin and quercetin as well as other healthy antioxidants which protect and promote the utilization of essential fatty acids and neuron production in your brain.

Add these healthy memory boosting foods to your cart and provide the nutrients your brain needs to maintain neurons and produce neurotransmitters.

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