Mental Sharpness and Brain Health

Mental-sharpness-and-Brain-HealthHow To Boost Mental Sharpness – By the time you reach 40, you will have lost up to 30% of your brain power and about 50% by age 50. This explains why many older individuals have problems remembering details or focusing.

The good news is that research has discovered that the brain has an astonishing capability to adapt even as it ages. With the proper support and stimulation, you can preserve and increase your mental sharpness as you grow older. Here are some things you can do to ensure optimal brain health and function:

Exercise Often – Exercise can help maintain your physical health and add years to your life. It can also help boost mental sharpness. Physical activity, specifically continuous aerobic exercises which include running, cycling and swimming, increases oxygen and nutrient delivery to the brain.

Get Plenty Of Sleep – When you are sleep deprived, your mental performance suffers. You feel exhausted and detached. Your productivity is impacted adversely as your brain finds it difficult to concentrate and solve problems. Sleep is essential in memory since it is in the deepest stages of sleep when memory consolidation takes place.

Eliminate Stress – Stress can wreak havoc on your brain. If not handled effectively, stress can harm brain cells and damage your hippocampus which is the part of the brain linked to memory. Exercise is an excellent way to deal with stress and so are yoga and meditation. Meditating on a regular basis is said to promote the development of connections between brain cells which in turn improves mental sharpness and memory.

Exercise Your Brain – The more you work out (stimulate) your brain, the better its processing and memory storing ability will be. To help you keep your brain “fit” as you age, it is vital that you not only stimulate it with mentally demanding activities but also to challenge and excite it by doing brain exercises.

Brain Boosting Supplements – There are several natural herbs and superfoods that act as neuro-nutrients that help restore mental sharpness and are effective against age-related memory loss. You could search out these neuro-nutrients individually and take multiple pills and supplements daily to support healthy brain function or you could use NeuroActiv-6.

NeuroActive-6 was created by a company called NaturalCell and contains virtually every natural brain and energy boosting supplement available. Each ingredient provides a specific benefit.

The herb Ashwagandha reduces stress and enhances mood. Turmeric is a root that aids cognitive function, and coffee fruit extract helps reverse the loss of an essential protein called brain-derived neuropath factor or BDNF.

Clinical studies have linked lower levels of BDNF with poor brain function. Discover how you can boost brain power, enhance your mood, restore energy levels and nourish and protect your brain with NeuroActive-6.

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