Motivation is the Way to Achieve your Goals

Lady-on-sofa-with-motivationAchieving your long-range goals requires commitment, effort and motivation. Recent neuroscience studies conducted at Stanford and Vanderbilt Universities also suggest that the level of the neurotransmitter, dopamine can help motivate you to work toward and achieve your goals.

In general, neurotransmitters like dopamine carry and transfer chemical messages to keep you awake, alert and focused. Exactly HOW dopamine affects you depends on which neural pathway it travels within your brain. Your specific dopamine experience may include short-term memory, behavior, focus and understanding, mood, or pleasure. It also includes the ability to motivate you.

How motivation works.

If your dopamine release acts in “motivation mode” its purpose is to motivate you to take positive action in order to achieve a task or goal to receive a pleasurable reward or work equally as hard in order to avoid a punishment.

The University researchers theorize that when you set a goal, any type of goal, short-term or long-range your brain takes “ownership” of that goal as though you have already successfully accomplished it. That goal becomes an obsession, especially now that it is linked to dopamine, and your brain craves dopamine – your brain is using dopamine to motivate you to achieve your goal and its reward is the release of more dopamine. Think of it as a positive addiction cycle.

The downside to motivation.

If your goal involves eliminating a bad habit or behavior like smoking, drinking or drugs, these behaviors are already linked to dopamine release. Your brain becomes conflicted. Why work through anxiety and painful withdrawals to accomplish the goal for dopamine when the bad behavior releases plenty of it?

How can you harness this knowledge to help motivate you to accomplish your goals?

  1. Choose goals that are important.
  2. Your goal must be reasonable and achievable.
  3. Your goal takes time and may require 21 days to establish any new habit.
  4. Break your big goals into smaller, more manageable goals.
  5. Break those into weekly and monthly objectives. Your brain better adjusts to small changes.
  6. Use these objectives to prepare a to-do list and cross them off as you accomplish them.
  7. Reward yourself with small rewards as you reach milestones and objectives.
  8. Review your list each night to involve your brain in the process.

These steps will help you begin to put the power of dopamine to work for you. But to experience the full effect, download Thought Elevators and learn to rewire your brain to automatically claim the life you deserve. You CAN reshape your brain to attract your desires and take the hard work out of success.

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