Probiotics and Gut Health

Probiotics SupplementationYour digestive system is home to millions of bacteria, nearly 400 varieties. While a few of these bacteria can be harmful, most support a variety of healthy functions from digestion and absorption of food to supporting your internal immune system. These beneficial bacteria are called probiotics.

While we are rarely aware of these probiotics unless there is a related digestive problem, they do require support and replacement as stress, poor diet and antibiotic treatments can damage or kill the beneficial probiotics. Damaged or low levels can lead to diarrhea, yeast infections, irritable bowel syndrome and similar digestive ailments, the most frequent being gas and bloating, constipation, and fatigue.

Probiotics, those beneficial bacteria, need to be regularly replenished in order to maintain your gut health. Probiotic supplements act as reinforcements in the battle against unhealthy bacteria and yeast. If left unchecked, these “bad” bacteria will develop and grow, building up in your digestive tract and blocking the normal absorption of nutrients. This is one reason why taking probiotic bacteria supplements are beneficial for your continued digestive or “gut” health.

Choosing the Probiotics.

Dr. David Williams, health researcher and nutrition expert, has identified 4 basic criteria to evaluate probiotic supplements. When choosing the best probiotic product, look for:

  • A list of the included specific probiotic strains.
  • The delivery system – how is it stored and delivered “live” to your gut?
  • Product expiration dates – critical in a product intended to supply “live” probiotics.
  • Does the manufacturer offer a money-back guarantee? Do they stand behind their product?

There is one product available that meets or exceeds Dr. Williams’ criteria, that product is from BioTrust and is their Pro-X10 Advanced Probiotic and GI Health Formula.

  • Pro-X10 provides a very detailed list of the probiotic (bacterial) strains included: Bifidobacterium breve, Bifidobacterium lactis, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus plantarum, and Lactobacillus rhamnosus.
  • BioTrust uses a patented microencapsulated delivery system to safely deliver the delicate, living probiotics to your gut.
  • Expiration is clearly marked and Pro-X10 requires refrigeration to maintain efficacy.
  • Pro-X10 is backed by independent 3rd party quality assurance testing and a 1-YEAR Unconditional Money-back Guarantee.
  • Bonus 1 – Pro-X10 contains PreforPro a unique PREbiotic which “feeds” and supports probiotics.
  • Bonus 2 – Pro-X10 contains a unique probiotic known as DE111 or Bacillus subtilis, developed to boost your immune system.
  • Bonus 3 – Pro-X10 is gluten-free, made with natural ingredients, and contains no artificial additives, colors, flavors, preservatives, or sweeteners.

To learn more about probiotic supplementation and Pro-X10 Advanced Probiotic and GI Health Formula click here for details.