Some Reasons for Oily Skin

face-showing-oily skinEmbarrassing oily skin is most often associated with puberty and acne, however, this may be the result of several underlying causes including:

  • Genes – Your oily skin may be hereditary. If you or your ancestors are from the Middle-East or the Mediterranean, your oily skin may be inherited. If you have inherited this skin type to protect you from the sun, but don’t live in a Mediterranean climate, your skin will produce excess oil.
  • Diet – Too many greasy, oily foods will eventually result in this condition. The combination of dietary fats and sugar promote the production of fats and oils on the skin. Improve your diet and you’ll improve the condition of your skin.
  • Hormones – Age and aging from puberty to menopause manipulates androgen (hormone) production and directly affects sebum production. Pregnancy and birth control pills also increase hormones that in turn increase oil production and oily skin. Stress and illness can also affect hormone production and release, and with added hormones comes more oil.
  • Medications – Medications that increase hormone production like oral contraceptives and hormone replacement medication (steroids) directly increase oil production, and this is one of the possible side effects associated with taking these medications, especially steroids. Many medications can also cause dehydration which signals your body to produce excess oil in an effort to lubricate and protect your skin.
  • Cosmetics and Skin Care Products – Personal care products such as soaps may be causing your oily skin. The soap you use to wash your face will remove the oil, but will also dry out your skin causing an overreaction and overproduction of oil secretion. This cycle is referred to as reactive seborrhoea, caused by overwashing and/or harsh soaps. Poor-quality cosmetics and skin care products tend to be harsher, causing more damage to your skin and making the sebaceous glands produce and release more oil.

While you have little control over hormones, genes or your environment, if your condition is caused by poor diet, harsh cosmetics and over washing, there are several things you can do to prevent your this from reoccurring.

Effective Treatment  For Oily Skin

Unfortunately, 80% of the skin cleansers, moisturizers and toners on the market that are formulated to “fight” the condition actually cause additional breakouts and will do more to damage your skin rather than help it.

But you can learn how to keep this condition under control and STOP the excess oil production naturally to make your skin “shine-free” without the use of expensive products. Visit here for the Oily Skin Solution and follow these natural techniques and ensure that your skin is brighter, healthier, and less oily so that you can enjoy life!

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