Is Your Relationship Making you Fat?

There’s a good chance that your relationship is adding a few pounds and inches to your waistline, regardless of whether that relationship is happy and healthy or a stress-filled disaster.

How your relationship can make you fat:

  1. You are now in a relationship and neither of you needs to attract someone new, you become comfortable and lazy. Beware of this trap, pizza becomes much more attractive than the gym and eventually you both become lazy, fat and settle.
  2. Nobody needs to see you naked. At least nobody new, so you can let yourself go. You both know what’s under the comfortable baggy clothes.
  3. You spend quality time together – in restaurants or parked on the couch playing video games or streaming movies. But not in the gym. Additionally, neither of you can comment on weight gain or lack of gym attendance if you are equally to blame.
  4. Your partner continues to compliment you and tell you how beautiful, attractive, sexy you are without adding – “no matter how fat you are”.
  5. It’s easier to stay in every night and weekends. No effort required, no primping, choosing clothes, looking in the mirror with a critical eye or dancing or socializing. Sweats and tees and order in. Pizzas, junk food, fast food in containers filled with empty calories. If you add a six pack of your favorite beer or bottle of wine, more calories and more – don’t care.
  6. You’re both happy and just don’t care about anything else. You’re no longer concerned about diet, exercise or the judgment of others because you have each other which explains your relationship weight gain.

Someday soon, the novelty and newness of the relationship will fade and individually or as a couple you will realize that you have let yourselves go and that you need to get back on the health and fitness wagon.

Unhappy couples. At the other end of the spectrum or at the end of the “honeymoon” phase you may find yourself in an unhappy relationship which soon leads to stress and stress eating.

Yes, stress eating is a real thing, it starts in the brain as it senses stress and unhappiness and wants you and it to be “happy” again. The first step will be to create cravings for sugar, as eating sugar activates opioid receptors in your brain and quickly makes you happy.

Once this “fix” begins to wear, you may begin to have thoughts of happier times in the past and foods you associate with happiness and satisfaction – this emotional eating is triggered by the desire for “comfort foods”. Once again, usually sugar, and often ice cream. Depending on the severity of your unhappiness, emotional eating often leads to binge eating and eating disorders.

Break the cycle before it begins, make healthy diet and exercise a part of your relationship, something that you can do together with mutually beneficial results.

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