Type 2 Diabetes – An Overview

diabetesType 2 diabetes is often associated with poor diet and obesity. The more overweight a group, the more cases of Type 2 diabetes. We now know that obesity is a systemic inflammatory condition and researchers have linked this inflammation to the development of diabetes. This new research supports the idea that if the underlying inflammation is treated, Type 2 diabetes could become a thing of the past.

Insulin Sensitivity

In a perfect world, everything you eat is broken down into nutrients and glucose. Glucose is carried to all parts of your body in your bloodstream and used as fuel by individual cells. Your body uses insulin to signal the cells to absorb this glucose and adjusts the level of insulin needed relative to the amount of food consumed and glucose produced. Your body is “sensitive” to the amount of glucose in the bloodstream and adjusts insulin release accordingly.

Insulin Resistance

In the real world, we have a tendency to consume too much sugar resulting in too much glucose in the bloodstream. Our cells become desensitized to glucose and insulin, yet the body continues to produce and release insulin in an attempt to “encourage” the cells to absorb the glucose. These constant high levels of insulin disrupt your cellular metabolism, increase systemic inflammation, and eventually your cells stop responding to insulin completely, creating insulin resistance. Your body is no longer able to safely manage blood glucose levels – Type 2 diabetes.

Inflammation plays a major role in Type 2 diabetes

Recent research also shows that chronic inflammation known as systemic low-grade inflammation can increase your body’s resistance to insulin. The cytokines released as part of this inflammatory response can also attack pancreatic cells and reduce the amount of available insulin. Too much glucose, insufficient insulin AND insulin resistance lead to worsening and dangerous levels of Type 2 diabetes. Inflammation plays a significant role in Type 2 diabetes and the resulting complications; controlling inflammation will lower your risk of type 2 diabetes.

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