Venus Factor Diet

venus factor dietThe venus factor diet has been invented by diet and fitness expert John Barban particularly for women who have had no success in weight loss with other diet plans or workout programs. It is a program designed for women who want to lose weight, those who are getting ready for athletic competitions and all others lying between these extremes.

It incorporates a customized nutrition plan and a specific workout plan which meets the demands of every woman seeking loss of excess fat or gain of lean muscle or just simple physical fitness. It involves the education of beneficial food groups and when and how to include them in your diet to achieve the maximum benefit of the plan.

The food plan is customized according to certain parameters such as a woman’s age, build-up, height, weight and lifestyle.

How Venus Factor Diet Works:

Leptin is a normal physiological hormone that plays a key role in the body fat regulation particularly in the females. It serves an important role in the regulation of body metabolism and appetite and consequent weight control. Under normal conditions, an increased blood level of leptin results in increased metabolic rate, decreased appetite and therefore increased fat loss.

The Venus Factor program aims at making sure that the leptin works properly. It tends to increase the sensitivity of body cells to leptin and decrease resistance to leptin that usually develops with advancing age, particularly in the females. In this way, it helps to lose the stubborn belly fat that won’t go away with other diet plans.

Why Women Need a Separate Diet:

Women differ from men in terms of normal physiological blood levels of leptin as well as responsiveness of body cells to the action of leptin. The following reasons are responsible for devising a separate diet plan for women:

  1. Responsiveness to the leptin hormone by the cells is three times less in women as compared to men. This accounts for the increased tendency in women to gain fat and difficulty in shedding that fat. Thus, under normal condition, women are not using leptin’s beneficial effects to their fullest.
  2. When women diet in order to lose weight, their leptin levels fall much more rapidly as compared to men.

 What Venus Factor Diet Promises:       

  • High energy levels
  • Increased metabolic rate
  • Shedding of stubborn fat from areas such as hips and abdomen.
  • Permanent solution to weight loss. 

The venus factor diet is specifically designed for women.  Interested in learning more about the venus factor diet click here.


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