Vitamin D Benefits

Bottle-Vitamin DVitamin D is often called the “sunshine vitamin” as your body produces this vitamin when your skin is exposed to sunlight. It is a fat-soluble vitamin and is found in many high-fat foods (like milk) and requires dietary fat to be digested and absorbed into your bloodstream.

Every grade school student knows that this vitamin is necessary for strong bones and teeth, while most older adults know that they need it to maintain bone strength as they age and bone mass deteriorates. It is not the Vitamin D itself, but the fact that your body must have this vitamin to absorb calcium for bone growth. It is critical during pregnancy as the resulting calcium absorption supports both the mother’s and growing baby’s skeleton and teeth.

There are many health benefits of Vitamin D beyond bone strength and calcium including:

Fertility – There is a direct correlation between infertility and Vitamin D deficiency, the lower your level, the lower your fertility rate – that applies to both men and women. In men, it promotes healthy development of sperm, improves the quality and health of semen and sperm count, and supports healthy free testosterone levels. In women, it lowers estradiol and progesterone and supports healthy levels of estrogen.

Cancer Prevention – Growing research links higher blood levels of Vitamin D with reduced risk of skin cancer, breast cancer, prostate and colorectal cancers. It may also prove beneficial in controlling abnormal cell growth in the treatment of existing cancers. It promotes apoptosis, the death of cells, in this case, abnormal cells.

Immunity – It supports the healthy immune response to pathogens (germs) and diseases like colds and flu. Increased blood levels of Vitamin D have been shown useful in the treatment of autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis and type 1 diabetes where your body’s immune system attacks its own organs and tissues.

Brain Health – Studies show that this vitamin supports healthy brain function and increases the rate of cellular repair in the brain by as much as 200%. Sunlight exposure and Vitamin D reduce depression, improve your mood and have been shown to be beneficial in the treatment of Alzheimer’s.

Weight Loss – Recent research has found that overweight subjects are also Vitamin D deficient, correcting this deficiency may result in increased weight loss. With adequate Vitamin D, your body will release more leptin, and you will feel full sooner, resulting in eating less. Increase your Vitamin D and your hormone levels will balance, leading to less fat storage and increased fat burning.

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